Which Toot Strudel are you?!?!?!?

You wake up and this is the first thing you see. Do you...

The neighbors call the police in response to your wild Toot Strudel pool party. This guy shows up. Do you...

Professor Vargas asks you to be her lab assistant over the Summer for some "secret experiments" she is conducting. Do you...

Mrs. Wilson asks if you wouldn't mind coming over to help her "plant" something very heavy that's wrapped in a tarp under her rose bushes. Do you...

This guy offers you free hugs. Do you...

Free Hugs Guy

You encounter this statue. Is she alive?

Banana or pickle?

Which Toot Strudel are you?
You are Nuclear Celery!

Toot Strudels - Nuclear Celery

You are strong and steady, like Nuclear Celery! Your body, when powered by Toot Strudels, is surging with the power to fight evil and rescue cats from trees!
You are Radioactive Watermelon!

You are cool and confident, like Radioactive Watermelon! With radiant, glowing skin and a blinding smile, everyone of every gender wants to be you AND date you! You even want to date you! Shine on!
You are Atomic Eggplant!

Toot Strudels - Atomic Eggplant

You are spontaneous and weird, like Atomic Eggplant! Let your freak flag fly! No one wants to get too close to you. Not sure if it's because you're setting off their geiger counters or because your unpredictable, anything-goes attitude makes them question their own non-ionizing lives.


We regret that this quiz has been banned in your country by the World Nuclear Commission.